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Nestled between old world pines, beautiful valleyed oaks and thriving maples sits Seven Lakes Championship Golf. In the heart of LaSalle Ontario, Seven Lakes is a public, family-run course that has grown the Seven Lakes community for over 30 years. Its maintenance, quality and peacefulness can be attributed to a pride and restoration of its natural environment. Your experience once stepping onto Seven Lakes, is one you would expect from a family run business – one of comfort, value and friendliness.

When you experience Seven Lakes your day and its demands all fall silent. They aspire to be a place where you can’t wait to come back. A place where you can be yourself. A place where you immediately get the feeling “I Am Home”.

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Experience the tranquil joy of returning to the greens in this narrative ad. Follow along as we dust off our clubs and take that first swing of spring amidst lush fairways and blooming landscapes at Seven Lakes Championship Golf.

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Seven Lakes Championship Golf - Aerial Promo Video
Join us on a serene journey as we capture the essence of that first swing of spring, set against the backdrop of lush fairways and blooming landscapes. Experience the anticipation building as golfers return to their favorite course, greeted by the gentle whisper of the wind through swaying trees and the distant call of chirping birds.


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“I highly recommend Aphelion Media to any business looking for a unique approach to telling their story. Zack and the team made the whole process an enjoyable experience from the first phone call, all the way to receiving the finished product. The passion that they have for what they do is evident in their creative process and I appreciated how they took the time to truly understand our business. I am so happy with my experience with Aphelion Media, and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.” - Annemarie Adam Communications and Marketing Manager

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