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Last year we had the privilege of traveling to Toronto to produce a video for the medical titan Clinical Trials Ontario. They are responsible for conducting many of the clinical trials that take place in the pharma industry and the medical field as a whole within Ontario. It was noted during our time with them that all international drugs come through Ontario for clinical testing, so as an organization they have a significant impact on not only Canadian medicine, but international medicine as well.

Clinical Trials Ontario was looking for assistance in creating an informational video surrounding their role as an organization, as well as showcasing their 10-year anniversary. When approaching this project we understood this wasn’t just going to be another informational video, we were going to be spreading awareness of one of the most important medical institutions in Canada, and why they do what they do.

Throughout our journey of bringing this project to life, we were able to speak with many individuals who all contribute to the ways in which Ontario is conducting efficient and highly accurate clinical medical trials. Within Ontario, CTO works with approximately 110 medical institutions in organizing and executing their clinical trials.

The production process involved in this project went incredibly well. CTO’s staff was very easy to work with and provided plenty of great answers to our questions when put on the spot, I guess they must really know what they’re doing. We love anytime we’re able to work in Toronto. The bustling population and soaring skyscrapers make any neighborhood an excellent location for drone shots and b-roll. Speaking of b-roll, getting to step behind the scenes of CTO’s operation felt like a real honor. The masterful doctors and other medical staff work incredibly efficiently and their organization as a team was on an incomprehensible level. Getting to hear and document the stories of the institution's executives was also very inspirational, they all seemed to be inspired by the same thing, continuous innovation.

Ontario for Clinical Trials

Over the last 10 years, the number of clinical trials being conducted in Canada has tripled, largely due to the efforts of those we interviewed in Toronto. Getting to hear the stories of those that benefit from CTO’s work was also a great experience. One woman by the name of Lanre Tunji-Ajaya is the President and Ceo of the Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario. Her organization and CTO work together to learn more about the disease and develop effective treatments.

Overall, we found the process of working with CTO in Toronto to be incredibly informative and inspiring. We look up to everyone involved in their operation and we were pleased to help them reach the eyes and ears of potential global partners. Being able to be a part of their impact on the medical industry felt like a reminder of why our role as a video production company can benefit any kind of organization. We would like to thank Clinical Trials Ontario for this opportunity, and hopefully, we’ll be able to work together again soon

"We move forward, and we set the example"

Dev Heim-Myers Chairman of the Board

What did they have to say about working with us?

“Aphelion was a delight to work with and their videos exceeded our expectations. They created a few corporate videos for our organization and went above and beyond to make sure we had a high-quality product. The whole process, from filming to editing was very smooth. I would definitely recommend Aphelion Media.”
- Emily Edwards Communications Officer at Clinical Trials Ontario

- Mason Soleski
Key Grip at Aphelion Media

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