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Late last year we made the trek to Kingsville, ON to produce a video for A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. If you’re like us when we were first contacted by A.M.A., you’re probably asking yourself “What the heck does a horticulture supplier do?” As a matter of fact, it’s pretty amazing interesting stuff! A.M.A. provides different organizations including large-scale greenhouses, garden centers, and nurseries with all the supplies necessary to propagate and cultivate plants. As one of the largest horticulture suppliers in South-Western Ontario, they’re responsible for producing the materials necessary for greenhouses to operate all over the province.

When approaching a project with such a technically-focused organization, we expected to be met with a group of hoity-toity engineers and businessmen, who we ended up meeting was far from that preconceived notion. A.M.A. houses a team made up of incredibly friendly and intelligent individuals. Managing Directors Connie & Richard Brandt and the rest of their team were incredibly welcoming, and we instantly knew their personalities would help us create the perfect video for their brand.

While behind the scenes with their company, it was quickly apparent that they were very effective at what they do. We were given the chance to interact with several of their clients, EZ Grow Farms, Orchard Park, & Vineland Research and Innovation Center. Being able to film their sizable operations was quite the experience. The enormous greenhouses featured seemingly endless rows of plants. Each and every one of A.M.A's Clients had nothing but glowing things to say about their relationship with the A.M.A. Team.

Getting to step into these facilities allowed us to get great b-roll of A.M.A.'s horticulture supplies in action. We were also able to get their clients in front of the camera to give first-hand testimonials of working with the company. We learned that while A.M.A. was very good at helping their clients, they never stand still when it comes to the technology and horticulture solutions that are available. Managing Director Richard Bradt stated their staff are constantly looking for new ways to learn and grow so they can provide more for their clients. As Ontarians, it was comforting to learn that our Province's agriculture production is in the hands of such down-to-earth and brilliant people.

Always Learning, Always Growing.

When it came to the video production process, we always enjoy being able to head out of Windsor and into the rest of South-Western Ontario, to learn more about the people and businesses out there. This project was full of our favorite things to film, beautiful visuals provided by endless greenhouses and plants, as well as interviews with interesting people who were ready to share their stories. Anytime a project like this one falls in our lap, we know it's going to lead to a great final result, and A.M.A.’s video was no exception.

We think the video we were able to produce for them wonderfully documents what makes them special, and why they’re worthwhile to work with. We’d like to thank A.M.A. Horticulture for this enriching experience, and we hope to work with them again soon. If you’re an agriculture or horticulture company out of Kingsville or anywhere else in South-Western Ontario looking for a video to tell your story, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

"You can’t grow if you’re not learning"

Connie Bradt Managing Director

What did they have to say about working with us?

“My go-to videographers for all client projects, whether in Windsor, Toronto or anywhere between or beyond. Aphelion captures the stories behind the stories, bringing emotion and meaning to even the small and seemingly mundane things. And all this with the most beautiful visuals for a really fair and transparent price. Not to mention they are a delight to work with.”
- Elise Johnson Communications and Marketing Manager

- Mason Soleski
Communications Manager at Aphelion Media

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